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I worked as a high school math teacher for nine years at James Logan High School, a huge (over 4000 students!) public high school in the San Francisco Bay Area. I was fortunate to start teaching during an exciting time in math education––I had the opportunity to collaborate with colleagues on implementing an NSF-funded curriculum, and I worked as a technology coach, helping math teachers integrate Sketchpad and other engaging programs into their teaching. Before teaching, I worked at one of the early educational software companies, Computer Curriculum Corporation. I've been at Key for six years, first as an Editor, and now as the Mathematics Product Manager.

When a Silent Board Game Speaks Volumes

I love Sandy’s metaphor of the waves of educational reform: As a teacher of mathematics since the mid-seventies, I have seen a lot of “waves” of reform come and go. All promise increased student performance with the implementation of the latest bells and whistles…. The latest “wave” of reform is the Common Core State Standards. I was … Continue Reading ››