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What do you wonder? Real-world math problems are everywhere

We hear this everywhere - students should be doing "real-world" math and they should be applying what they learn in math to "real-world situations." Textbooks and math resources advertise their "real-world problem solving" experiences and "real-life math applications." But, as those of us who are math teachers can attest, often times the real-world examples are … Continue Reading ››

How the Common Core Can Save Your Life (Or At Least Help You Graduate, Get Into College, and Win the Girl of Your Dreams)

I recently discovered a book called How Math Can Save Your Life: (And Make You Rich, Help You Find The One, and Avert Catastrophes) by James D. Stein, who shares his thoughts on problems and scenarios that confront us and how we can use math (or simple arithmetic) to solve those problems. He … Continue Reading ››

Real-World Problems: Whose World Is It, Anyway?

At a meeting of mathematics supervisors this week there was much discussion about how to meet the needs of struggling learners. I thought of the students I’d worked with over twenty years in the classroom, and of how my kids caused me to rethink my teaching. They asked me a lot of surprising questions. Take this … Continue Reading ››