Sketchpad Explorer Featured in Mathematics Teacher

The May issue of Mathematics Teacher (MT) has a Technology Tips article on High-Leverage iPad Apps for the Mathematics Classroom by Ayanna Perry, Emily Thrasher, and HollyLynne Lee of North Carolina State University. They explain how to transfer files to student tablets, and they make a number of recommendations on how to use the iPad effectively in math classes.

The first app they recommend in the MT article is Sketchpad Explorer, available free from the iPad App Store. Sketchpad Explorer allows students to use the iPad to explore prepared sketches; the sketches can be created using the Mac or PC version of The Geometer’s Sketchpad, or can be downloaded from a variety of locations such as Sketch Exchange or from the Sample Activities page of the Sketchpad Learning Center.

The MT article highlights the Quadrilateral Pretenders sketch from the Sketchpad Sample Activities. (The download link above, which also appears in the article, includes the sketch itself, a student worksheet, and teacher notes.)

The rest of the Technology Tips article features two other interesting apps, one for data-analysis and one for exploring graphs of various functions.

[If one of the Pretenders pages shown here looks familiar, it may be because I featured one single page of the activity last December in my Discovery by Dragging post. The current post contains all the pages of the entire activity, except for the Make Your Own page.]

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