Mac Sketchpad Beta Test

Attention Sketchpad fans: If you’re a Mac user and would like to give the new Mac Sketchpad a spin, go ahead and contact me so that we can add you to our beta test.

Several weeks ago, Apple released MacOS Catalina and brought an end to all 32-bit apps, including Sketchpad 5.06. Luckily, Nick Jackiw, Sketchpad’s designer, has updated Mac Sketchpad so that it runs in the new 64-bit environment (It should also work on systems dating back to MacOS 10.9.)

This new release focuses on maintenance issues, bringing Sketchpad up to speed with Apple’s latest technology. However, Nick did find time to add several nifty new features to Mac Sketchpad, including “drag merging,” which I demonstrate in the video below.


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